Yan Zuoting researcher to visit 2 universities in Germany and Hungary

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【摘要】YanZuotingResearchersvisitedtheFacultyofVeterinaryMedicine,FreeUniversityofBerlin in Germany,andtheFaculty of Veterinary Science of Szent Istvn UniversityinHungary. From June 20 to 27, Professor Yan Zuotingand Dr. Dong Shuwei visited the Ins
Yan Zuoting Researchers visited the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Free University of Berlin in Germany, and the Faculty of Veterinary Science of Szent István University in Hungary.
From June 20 to 27, Professor Yan Zuoting and Dr. Dong Shuwei visited the Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Free University of Berlin, Germany, and the College of Veterinary Medicine, St. Istvan University. 
During the visit of the Free University of Berlin,  They discussed the scientific research cooperation with Professor Jürgen Zentek, who is the dean of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and academic exchanges with Heuwieser Wolfgang and Kerstin E.Müller’s research team. The two sides exchanged views on the diagnosis, prevention and control technologies of foot disease and reproductive diseases of dairy cow. Professor Yan Zuoting and Dr. Dong Shuwei gave lectures entitled "Current Situation and Challenges of Dairy Cattle farming in China" and "A Study on Cow's Endometritis and Leaf Inflammation Based on Proteomics". They also visited the small animal hospital, ruminant clinic treatment center, and animal breeding disease centers of Free University of Berlin in Germany.
During a visit to the Faculty of Veterinary Science of Szent István University in Hungary, scientific research cooperation agreement was discussed with bartha.tibo who is the vice Deans the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and signed a cooperation agreement with each others. Moreover,a joint research plan for diagnosis and control techniques of dairy cow’s reproductive diseases was discussed with Professor Szenci Otto. They also visited large animal clinical teaching and research center and small animal hospital of the Faculty of Veterinary Science of Szent István University.
By this exchange, we further known the basic situation of dairy industry and disease diagnosis and control techniques of dairy cow in the German and Hungary. In this communication, we introduce the progress of China's dairy industry, research fields of Lanzhou Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Pharmaceutics Science, and the research progress of dairy cow's disease in our team. It was better for their research teams to understand the situation of dairy industry in our country, and this work laid a foundation for further research on international cooperation.