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【摘要】We have built four subject areas according to three disciplines layout of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, which are herbivorous animal breeding and genetics, pasture breeding, veterinary pharmaceutics and traditionalchineseveterin
We have built four subject areas according to three disciplines layout of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, which are "herbivorous animal breeding and genetics," "pasture breeding", "veterinary pharmaceutics" and " traditionalchineseveterinary and clinical veterinary science" . And we mainly   focused on nine disciplines direction----"yak resources and breeding", " wool sheep resources and breeding ", "herbivorous  nutrition", "veterinary chemical pharmaceutics ", "veterinary natural pharmaceutics ", "veterinary biologic pharmaceutics ", " Traditional Chinese Veterinary " , "cow disease" and "forage resources and breeding" .

Discipline of Herbivorous Animal Breeding and Genetics
The discipline mainly focuses on livestock genetic improvement on the basis of rich genetic resources of western sheep and cattle, combined with the research innovation team, key laboratories and experimental base. The specific objectives are to create new breeding materials using modern molecular breeding technology together with traditional breeding techniques, to study the genetic mechanism of major economic traits in herbivores and to carry out theoretical studies of molecular genetics in cattle and sheep breeding, etc. The goal of this discipline is trying to improve the production performance of cattle and sheep, and to provide theoretical and technological support for the development of China's cattle industry.

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Science and Clinical Veterinary Science
Based on the significant demand in animal husbandry sustainable development, public health and food safety, we carried out the relevant research on basic research, applied basic research and applied research of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Science and Clinical Veterinary Science. The researches were focused on material basis of TCVM acupuncture effects, theories and methods of TCVM, group dialectical treatment of TCVM, exploitation and utilization of TCVM, development and modernization of TCVM, safety evaluation system of TCVM, molecular biology of TCV, prevention and treatment of animal disease with integrating traditional and western veterinary medicine and so on. The research team carried on the animal clinical research and pathogenesis research, especially focused on establishing new technology of preventing, diagnosing and controlling of main dairy cow diseases. The research team has developed new veterinary drugs on dairy cow diseases prevention and control, established key techniques on compositive preventing and controlling strategies of dairy cow diseases and dairy cow healthy breeding practice.

Veterinary drug discipline
Based on the major demand of the national food safety and the sustainable healthy development of animal husbandry and aquaculture, in view of of important diseases of livestock, poultry, pet and economical animal such as virus, bacteria, parasite and inflammation in the scale breeding, natural pharmacogenomics and chemomics, organic synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, analysis chemistry, biological engineering, computer aided design, modern drug evaluation are used as the research technique and method to carry out the basis, application basis and application research in veterinary drug innovation. The research on the theory and methodology in new drug screening technology, drug mechanism, new veterinary drug safety evaluation and new veterinary drug innovation are focused. All these aim to strengthen veterinary medicine discipline construction and establish a chinese advanced veterinary drug screening technology platform. On the other hand, significant progresses are made in veterinary medicine basic theory research and technology methods and veterinary drug innovation level is vigorously promoted. 

The research are mainly developed in grasslandagriculture and grassland animal husbandry of the basic, applied andinnovated based on Loess Plateau and Qinghai-Tibet plateau.We also carry out the research of grass germplasm resources, grassland ecology, forage feed and new technology, new varieties to promote and industrialized development based on the western advantagedforage varieties breeding and stress-resistant varieties introduced and domesticated, providingthe technical support to the health of the state and local grasslandagriculture, sustainable development and ecological environment construction.