Zhang Jiyu Professor

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Dr. Zhang Jiyu
Lanzhou Institute of Husbandry and Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)
Address: No 335, Jiangouyan Rd., Qilihe District, Lanzhou, Gansu, 730050, P. R. China
Phone: +86-931-2115278
Fax: +86-931-2115191
E-mail: infzjy@sina.com
Education Background
Zhang Jiyu, a veterinary pharmacologists, received his BA degree in Veterinary Medicine from Beijing Agricultural University in 1991,his MA degree in Clinical Veterinary Medicine from Gansu Agricultural University in 1998 and his PhD in Molecular Veterinary Pharmacology from The Quartermaster University of People's Liberation Army in 2002.
Research Area
His research mainly focuses on veterinary pharmaceutics, pharmacology and toxicology, including the discovery of antibacterials and antiparasitic drugs, the mechanism of drug resistance, and screening of drug targets.
·         He has taken charge of more than 20 research projects from National Science Fund of China, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agryculture, etc. Directing the thesis work of graduate students for master degree and the thesis work of graduate students for Ph. D.. He has participated in the development of the first-class new veterinary chemical drug Quinocetone and is in charge of developing of two new drugs which has declared new drug certificate from Ministry of Agriculture.
Professional Activities
·         He is the executive deputy director of the Key and Open Laboratory of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Development of Ministry of Agriculture, post scientist of China Agriculture Research System, standing director of Society of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology, vice-chairman of Society of TCVM of China Veterinary Association and the head of research team which consist of 9 staffs.
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