ZhengJifang Professor

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Lanzhou Institute of Animal and Veterinary
Pharmaceutics Sciences,
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(CAAS)
Address: No335 JiangouyanQilihe District
Lanzhou730050, P.R. China

Phone: +86 -931-2115 255
Fax: +86-931-2115 255
Education background
Prof. JifangZheng received hisDVM in 1983 from the College of Sichuan Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. 
Research Area
Over the last 20 years, he has successfully researched and detectedAES of acupoints and meridians in sheep, conducted acupuncture and acupoint immune studies, oversees the study on Pi-XuZheng with electrogastrogram in cows, the study and development of TCVM nationally, the prevention of cholera gallinarium with TCVM, and the prevention and cure of viral disease in livestock. 
At present, Dr. Zheng is a Review specialist for new veterinary drugs for the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, a senior member of the Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, the chief TCVM scientist for Institute of Animal & Pharmaceutics Science, Master's advisor of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, committee member of the Chinese Association of Institute of TCVM, editor of Journal of TCVM, executive director of the Northwest Subcommittee of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, and a visiting professor at Southwestern University.
Diagnosis and Treatmentof Traditional Chinese Veterinary Clinic Manual
Incompatibility of Common Clinical Veterinary Medicines
New Clinical Indication of Commonly Used Veterinary Medicines
Preparation and Application of Chinese Herbal Medicine Feed Additives
Compatibility methods of Traditional Chinese VeterinaryMedicine
Traditional Chinese Veterinary MateriaMedicaand Pharmacology