Li Jianyong Professor

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Dr. Jianyong Li
Lanzhou Institute of Husbandry and Pharmaceutical Science (LIHPS)
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science (CAAS)
Address: No 335, Jiangouyan, Qilihe district, Lanzhou, 730050, P.R.China
Phone: +86-931-2115290
Fax: +86-931-2115290
Education Background
Jianyong Li, a medicinal chemist by training, received his BSc degree in pharmacy (1995) from Lanzhou University, China, his MS degree in Clinic Veterinary Sciences (2000) from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, China and his PhD degree in Analytical Chemistry from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Science, China.
Research Area
He was leader of research and development program for veterinary chemical pharmaceutical at Agricultural Science and Technology Innovative Program of CAAS, Vice Head at Key Laboratory of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Development of Agricultural Ministry of P.R.China, Key Laboratory of New Animal Drug Project of Gansu Province, Research Centre of New Animal Drug Project of Gansu Province, and the Department of Veterinary Pharmaceutics.
His main research focus is on research and development of novel animal drug, including chemistry, phamacokinetics, pharmacology, toxicology of pharmaceuticals. He has developed a novel drug additive, quinocetone, and finished its residues in edible tissues, which has been widely applied in clinic. He also completed a study in pigs on the PK and quantitative structure-activity relationship of pyroline, an active constituent in a Chinese herb plant. He designed and synthized aspirin eugenol ester (AEE) as a novel drug candidate, and has been carrying on many studies so as to become an approval drug. He was awarded eight China patents on preparations and application of veterinary pharmaceuticals. He has completed 46 research projects as principal investigator. Current research projects include mainly: (a) studies on the chemistry, metabolism and metabolomics, toxicology and pharmacology, pharmacodynamics of AEE; (b) combinatorial technology of separation, selection and identification of the active composition of Chinese traditional herb; (c) anti-virus mechanism of the active composition of a Chinese traditional herb; (d) research and development of Chinese traditional medicinal preparation for curing avian pneusis disease; (e) research and development of new chemical compound for curing pig pneusis disease.
He was awarded the Research Medal of the nation government in 2009 and 2011 for his work on new animal drugs. He is the national middle age and youth prominent contribution specialist and the national selected person of nation hundred, thousand and ten thousand talent project. He leads a veterinary chemical pharmaceutical team which includes one professor, four assistant professors and five lecturers. He supervises the work of two current Ph.D. students and six current MS students, and others supervise the work of three current Ph.D. students and seven current MS students.
He published more than 190 scientific papers, of which English language papers were more than twenty. His representative publications were as followed:
1.         Jianyong Li , Xiaojun Kong, Xiwang Liu, Yajun Yang, Jiyu Zhang.Genotoxic evaluation of aspirin eugenol ester using the Ames test and the mouse bone marrow micronucleus assay.Food and Chemical Toxicology,2013(62): 805-809
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