Liang Jianping Professor

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Dr. Liang Jianping
Lanzhou Institute of Husbandry and Pharmaceutical Sciences (LIHPS)
Chinese Academy of Agricultral Sciences (CAAS)
Address:N335,Jiangouyan Xiaoxihu , Lanzhou, Gansu, 730050, PR China
Education Background
Liang jianping, a pharmacists by training,received his BSc degree in science (1985)from the ShenYang Pharmaceutical University,China, his PhD in Biophysics(1999) from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,China.
Research Area
He was leader of Natural Medicineteam at the Key Laboratory of Veterinary Pharmacceutical Development, Ministry of Agriculture, and Head of Key Laboratory of Veterinary Pharmacceutical Development, Ministry of Agriculture,Key Laboratory of New Animal Drug Project of Gansu Province.
He was responsible for the coordination of process that led to the development and implememtation of research on veterinary natural medicine. He has directed or participated inmany national projects and has acquired many grade prize of scientific progress from state or province.In 2004, he has gained outstanding talent of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (grade 2)
Veterinary Pharmacology and Laboratory Technique
Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine
More than 100 scientific publications